Māra Stabulniece, Associate at TGS Baltic, made a presentation at the annual Lawyer Forum

09 / 17

On 15 September 2017, Māra Stabulniece, Associate at  TGS Baltic, made a presentation at the annual Lawyer Forum organised by the Competition Council, where the experts of the Competition Council met the lawyers and attorneys to discuss the current competition law events. Māra in her presentation addressed the problematic aspects of recommending resale prices. The margin between the permissible recommendation of resale prices and an agreement on a fixed or minimum resale price, which is one of the most severe violations of competition law, pretty often is rather delicate; therefore, from the perspective of market participants, it is essential to be timey aware of the potential risks.

Last year, the Executive Director of the Competition Council mentioned that “The Lawyer Forum has already become a platform recognised by the competition law experts. Moreover, such positive exchange of opinions facilitates more successful understanding of the insight of the involved parties on the current events in the industry and the aspects of application of competition law. Such regular exchange of expertise contributes to all the players in the field, since it creates unified understanding of the competition law norms and application thereof, thus ensuring more foreseeable business environment and facilitating competition growth.”